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How to Point ‘n Click Your Way To a
“Direct Response Blog That Gets
You Leads and Sales “

Step-By-Step, From A to Z

THE PROMISE: Step-By-Step, A-to-Z tutorials with screen caps and videos on how to install and secure wordpress, trick it out with the right plugins then turn it into the customer-getting hub of your entire business.

THE UNIQUENESS: 4 key differences separate WP LEADS AND SALES Dashboard from every other “how to do WordPress” product on the market.

THE BONUS: Respond today and get a recording of my call with a guy who got 4 1/2 million blog visitors last year.

THE GUARANTEE: I guarantee you will get “wins” and results or your money back.  Plus, a bold, new QUADRUPLE-your-money-back guarantee.

THE CREDIBILITY: Based on my own direct response blogging formula that has helped me sell thousands of products in concert with Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and my affiliate program, just as you’ll learn.

AFFILIATE PROGRAM: Pays out 50% on all sales UP TO 100% on it AND various commissions on most back end products. Who else will pay you up to 100%.



From: Marlon Sanders

Dear Friend,

You start with the first icon.

You click on it.

You follow the simple, easy steps.

Then you go to icon two.

Next thing you know, you’ve turn a normal blog into a lean, mean direct response marketing machine that gets you leads and sales.

It’s called point-and-click marketing.  And it’s destined to become the latest rage to hit Internet marketing.  Why?  Because you don’t have to wade through dozens, hundreds or thousands of pages of information.  Instead, you just click the icons and follow the simple, easy steps.

You get leads, new subscribers and opt ins

You get sales

You get visitors and traffic to your blog who RESPOND

You launch new products

You make more sales to existing customers

You recruit, train and motivaste affiliates

I’m NOT talking about ordinary, bland blogs like everyone already does, sees or knows about. I’m talking about a NEW BREED of 3 different types of blogs you need for your business.

These are called Direct Response Blogs. And may be radically different from what you’ve seen, read or heard about before. See, the purpose of THESE blogs is NOT posting content, getting read, or developing a following, although those are good things.

The purpose is LEADS & SALES. That’s what Direct Response Blogs are all about.

If you aren’t getting leads and sales from your blog, then you don’t have a direct response blog. You have an ornament on the web.

Maybe you don’t know why you should use WordPress, you thought it was too hard or not secure, you didn’t know which plugins to use, you have a blog but it doesn’t do anything, or you simply don’t know where or how to start….

Maybe your online business or efforts are barely limping along, and you need to breathe new life into your list, your products, your marketing.

Here Are 8 Ways Marlon Sanders’
WP Leads & Sales Dashboard Can Help You:

If you’re tired of reading reams of information that is difficult or impossible to apply, or you simply don’t have a lot of time to read, then here’s what my new WP GET LEADS AND SALES Dashboard will do for you:

1.  Walks you step-by-step through setting up your system without requiring you to wade through reams of information that take time to read, decipher, analyze and apply.

2.  Simplifies your blogging All you do is click and follow the instructions.  You don’t have to try to figure out what’s next.  You just click the next icon and follow the steps.

3.  Takes away the confusion.  Every step is clearly laid out and labeled with big, blue numbers.  You don’t have to try to interpret how XYZ method applies to your individual situation.

4.  Gives you an A to Z system. Nothing could be easier and simpler. Everything is covered A to Z from themes to hosting,plugins, security, getting opt ins, and widgets. You get step-by-step screen caps, which are a lot faster than watching tons of tedious, boring videos. Yet, where it would make things faster, I’ve used videos. It’s about speed and ease.

5. Something for you if you’re a beginner or already have a blog that’s doing ok.  My WP Leads and Sales Dashboard is designed for beginners.  But I’ve also included a lot of information to help you if you have a blog that’s only doing OK but you want it to do better. I’ve even included a few things for more advanced bloggers.

6.  Gives you confidence.  The entire Dashboard is based on my experience in online marketing since before the World Wide Web existed.  You can check out the Alexa ratings on my web sites as proof I know what I’m doing.  Chances are, you’ve seen or read about my Push Button Letters software or The Amazing Formula.

7.  Visually demonstrates what to do with screen captures A picture is often worth a thousand words. So I include plenty of screen captures to demonstrate the different steps, without overwhelming you with needless details or endless screen shots.  I’ve struck a balance to make this simple, practical and useable.

8.  Takes you on the INSIDE of what successful bloggers do.
If you’re EXCITED about the idea of blogging, curious about what successful bloggers do, and interested in HOW you make a blog the key ingredient of a highly successful online business, then WP Dashboard might just be your cup of tea.

Point-And-Click WP Blogging Dashboard Is The Newest & Simplest Way To Make Your Blog a
Lead- Generating, Customer-Getting Tool

What’s different about my new WP Leads and Sales Dashboard is you don’t have to read a lot of stuff.  You’re busy.  You’re probably dealing with information overload.  You have a lot of stuff to do and not enough time to do it in.

My goal from day one when I launched The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy years ago was to make selling your products and services sell like crazy.  And it still is, only right now what I’m doing is showing you step by step how to create a killer direct response blog!

You can read more about who I am and my credentials here.

Anyway, the problem is information overload.  There are so many ebooks with so much information, I believe you could spend the rest of your LIFE reading all the books and trying to come up with a practical plan of action!

Forget all that.  Can you point?  Can you click?  Can you follow simple step 1, 2, 3 instructions?

Your goal is to make money and sell your products and services.  Not become a marketing professor.  Right?  OK then. Let’s get your show on the road.

5 Reasons Having a Blog Is No Longer Optional

Here are 4 reasons YOU need a blog if you don’t have one already. Or if you do, why you need WP Dashboard to ramp up and trick out the one you already have.

Fact 1: A blog is a key ingredient of highly successful online businesses.

It’s very difficult to name a very successful online marketer or business that doesn’t have a blog, usually a darned good one.


Fact 2: A blog can be a useful, if not essential, tool to communicate with prospects, customers and affiliates

If we don’t communicate, we aren’t in business. And when you think about it, there really isn’t another way to communicate WITHOUT NOISE with our customers, affiliates and potential customers other than a blog.

Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Linked In are great ways to funnel people TO a blog. But they have so much noise, they aren’t particularly good for communicating on a targeted basis.

Fact 3: All your social media can easily and naturally funnel people to your blog

It’s a natural progression to send people from Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or Tumblr to your blog. If you send them straight to a sales letter without any additional warming up, that’s TOO BIG a step!

Your blog is the natural in-between step you use to THEN funnel people to your webinars, offers, sales videos or letters and to get them onto your email list.

Fact 4: A blog can be your content distribution hub

The fourth reason you see blogs used by almost all successful Internet marketers and businesses is they can be the central hub you use to distribute content.

For example, when I post to my blog, it automatically gets tweeted and posted on my Facebook page. What’s more, I get graphs that tell me how many people clicked through from Facebook to that particular blog post. How cool is that?

Fact 5: MOST blogs try to do the job of 3 separate blogs in one.

As a result, they don’t do the best job possible at generating leads or sales. With a simple tweak to this process, we can get a big kick to our opt ins, increase customer value, and get more traffic.

Four Key Differences Separate the
WP Sales & Leads Dashboard From The 523,000 Training Products On WordPress!

There are 4 very important differences in the WP Sales and Leads Dashboard:

Key difference WordPress dashboard

You point, click and follow the steps labeled by the big blue numbers

No need to read volumes of information here.  Follow the big blue numbers and look at the pictures.  All important points are illustrated with screen captures.


Key difference WordPress dashboard

You get an A to Z System that covers EVERYTHING

I give you simple steps for managing your formation overload to setting up reminders for your different steps to a spreadsheet I created that lets you literally fill-in-the-blanks and create your marketing plan.  You’ll get places and resources to find PRODUCTS TO SELL if you don’t have them.  You’ll get my simple survey system to find out what people want to buy.


Key difference WordPress dashboard

You get step-by-step screen caps, NOT hours and hours of long, boring, tedious videos

Virtually all other products are videos. Watching videos can be tedious, boring and time consuming. I tell you and show you what to do, how to do it and why — without beating around the bush or taking up your whole evening.


Key difference WordPress dashboard

The MAIN thing is, if you follow the steps, you WILL get wins and results — guaranteed.

Here’s the deal:  I’m all about WINS and RESULTS.  When you get a “win” it means you get something done or accomplished that you were struggling with or were stopped by before.  The whole goal of the WP Sales and Leads Dashboard is to get you taking bite-sized steps that get you WINS.

And these wins will fuel your motivation and drive to do more. Why?  Because you aren’t just reading.  You’re doing. You’re getting stuff set up. Stuff done.

And while I don’t represent that the average buyer can or will make profits, because I have no control over who buys or what they do, I DO guarantee your money back if you don’t make money.  Fair enough?

What Are The 3 Keys To The
WP Leads and Sales Dashboard Model?

The WP Leads and Sales Dashboard system has 3 keys that make it work

Key one: You’ll immediately zero in on the 2 things that matter — leads and sales

For your new customer generation blog, there are only two things that matter: Getting visitors onto one of your lists or making sales. That’s it. With laser-like focus, the WP Sales & Leads Dashboard shows you how to install list builders into your blog at every point.

Key two: You’ll build for the future by using traffic sources OTHER than the search engines

Free yourself from praying that the next slap, update, Penguin, Farmer, whatever update doesn’t destroy your business overnight. This means you can build for the future, and have an asset that you can rely on.

I’ve seen so many people have their valuable and profitable businesses wiped out overnight on a whim. Most blogging systems are almost 100% reliant on search engines for their traffic. That’s a model that’s almost guaranteed to FAIL, and result in severe dissapointment and loss of time.

That’s OK if you’re a 21-year old whiz kid. But most of my customers are 35, 40, 50, 60, 70. You have a future to think about and can’t afford to gamble it on some loophole, trick or gimmick that won’t work six months from now. Whatever you get from Google is a bonus. But you should NEVER rely on them for your future!

Key three: You’ll ONLY use EVERGREEN methods that could be putting money in your bank account 5-10 years from now

Some people take a short-term focus and do things that work today but aren’t likely to bet putting squat in your bank account 6 months from now, little alone 5 years from now. I’m a HUGE believer in building EVERGREEN systems.

I do NOT teach auto blogging, PLR content, borrowing content, linking strategies that trick the search engines, or a billion other things that lack longevity. We’re in this for the LONG TERM! Stability. Reliability. Strength. I’d rather build a little slower but build something that LASTS.

Here are 5 Ways You Will Use and
From the WP Dashboard
Leads & Sales Blogging System:

There are at least five different ways you will use and benefit from what you discover inside the WP Dashboard Direct Response Blogging System:

1) Amp-up your opt-ins with our horizontal opt-in right in your header where it can’t be missed

Most blogs get no opt ins. And if they do, the response rate is absolutely pathetic. With the WP Dashboard Real Results Blogging System, you’ll install a HORIZONTAL opt-in right in your blog header where every single visitor to your blog will see it. Not only that, you’ll add an opt-in form at the end of EVERY post.

Not only that, we tested everything we could find to rotate banners and track responses. Most were cumbersome to use or made the blog run slower than mud. But we found one good one — and it’s FREE!

This means you’ll be able to simply, quickly and easily test different banners, messages, text and pictures to see what your customers respond to — BEFORE you roll them out to affiliates or advertising sites.


2) Install our “command-and-control-center” that shows you exactly where subscribers and sales come from

Use this to gain total control over your numbers — your new subscribers (or whatever action you want to track).

Most people have a blog that “looks good.” So? It isn’t like it’s rocket science to download a free theme and throw up WordPress. But it’s a whole different story when you talk about MEASURING and TRACKING opt-ins and responses by POST and by inbound KEYWORD search terms.

Can you honestly say you know WHICH 5 keywords last week sent you the most opt-ins? Or which posts in the past 30 days have createad the most opt-ins?

If you don’t know or aren’t sure, then you need to set up your “command-and-control-center” the way the WP Dashboard shows you.

If you can’t or don’t track, you’re just throwing stuff at the wall, hoping and praying something sticks. That is NOT direct response marketing. It’s direct response praying.



3) Set up, create, use and benefit from 3 types of blogs, not just one, including full monetization

Most people make the mistake of having only 1 blog and trying to do it all with just 1 blog. I believe this is one of the biggest marketing mistakes being made, and I’ll explain to you why, and how to easily fix it.

Your competitiors won’t “get it” and will just scratch their head as to why you’re doing what you do. Advantage? YOU! What’s more, I’ll give you 6 profitable ways to monetize your blog, so it puts cash into your Paypal or bank account regularly.

4) Pimp out your blog with boxes, colors, super cool fonts, and other things that most people think just “can’t be done” on a blog.

You’ll learn the secret tools (free and paid) people use to do all kinds of cool, pimp things on their blog. And it’s ever-so-simple, with point-and-click ease.

5) Free yourself from the “Google-on-the-brain” trap

Get real world ways to knock it out of the ballpark — whether Google gives you love or sends you frowny faces. Nearly every blogging product relies on one traffic source — Google.

Well, if you get Google love, that’s great. And you’ll sure as hay optimize for it. But WP Dashboard shows you how to create multiple traffic streams that are Google FREE, so you don’t have to stay awake at night wondering if you got Penguinized, Pandaslapped or Farmered out. Your whole blog business won’t be at the mercy of Google.

Which of These 6 Critical Topics
Would Help YOU
Right Now?

In doing surveys with my customers, here are the 6 big things you told me are important:

1. Setup and installation:

I know it’s a silly one, but I’ll explain how domains work and which plan allows for many domains, subdomains, etc.

A thorough step-by-step going over of the installation process, making it as simple as possible.

Why WordPress versus other platforms?

Set up your permalinks like a pro

Want a simple easy to follow, over the shoulder, check list type start-to-end setup and how to continue forward with it each day, without all the BS?

2. Plugins

How to set them up correctly & the best plugins to use in 2013

How to use plugins effectively and NOT get penalized!

Are you confused and overwhelmed by the constant barrage of plugins that everyone and his dog is promoting every day? Which ones do you definitely need and which ones are totally unnecessary?

Finally determining which SEO plugin is the best one to use

Which social plugin is the best (based on the ones currently in use)

Which apps or plugins to use to make my blog more readable and seo friendly

3. Themes

How to easily modify and customize nice-looking themes without becoming a php expert

There are so many themes. Which should you use?

4. Hosting

How to set up paid hosting, so you can monetize.

What are the key steps in setting up hosting?

5. Security

Why don’t people secure their WordPress installations?

A huge percentage of WordPress sites are open to hacking and yet most people don’t know how to secure them properly. Find out how.

6. Monetizing

How to put ads on your, optin box, those darned widgets

How do I keep my WordPress blog secure? Have you been hacked before? Know the steps to take.

Monetizing your blog properly

How do you maximize optins?

What’s a better way to convert your traffic?

In a second, I’ll tell you how to get answers to every single one of the above in a special BONUS TRAINING I’ll be conducting …. but first…..let’s go into the Dashboard itself.’

And those 6 topics are just the beginning…check out everything else you’ll discover…

Here are just a few of the goodies
that you’ll likely ONLY find in the
WP Leads and Sales Dashboard

When You Claim Your Copy of the WP Leads & Sales Dashboard, you’ll Get INSTANT ACCESS To All This, and More:

Warning! Register you’re domain name at this extremely popular place, and you’ll have a devil of a time trying to set up hosting anywhere but with them. I’ll show you the simple, easy, effortless place to register your domain name.

Worried about the security of WordPress? Here are the 3 things you must do that protect you from 90% of the problems, and let you sleep easy at night.

What never …ever to do with your blog that many courses teach! You think you’ll get loads of visitors. NOT!

STOP! Not all webhosting for blogs is even remotely the same. A server is NOT a server. If you’re going to blow up your blog big, you seriously should look at THESE 2 hosts. If you’re new, THIS host lets your blog run 3x faster. No b.s.

Caution! If you used a 1-Click Install for WordPress, you better run this “fix” before it’s too late.

Content! How do you create content that gets read and shared?


The highest, best use of your blog is as an easy way to put your sales letters online, right? Wrong! Here’s the two things you should be doing with your blog but probably aren’t.

Concerned about BACKING UP your blog? What if you could automatically back it up to dropbox or Amazon S3? Check this out.

How do you make people’s pictures appear along with their comments? This is what I found that works best for me.

How to add highlighting to your blog posts that looks hand done like this! And it’s so easy!

Adds slick-looking buttons to your post in 1 click

How to find attention-getting photos that look totally prop and resize them properly, so they don’t cause your blog to load slower than a turtle’s crawl

How to make your videos open in a spiffy lightbox, so they are larger and easier to read…plus add Youtube videos and Amazon S3 — all explained.

Guest posting — Should you do it? If so, who, where and how? If not, what ELSE do you do to get visitors?

How to create your first blog page and post. All the nitty gritty details explained.

Google Fonts….if you use them, what happens to your page load time?

Find out how to stop hackers from easily transversing directories. This is how HACKERS scan & probe your site for vulnerabilities

Get a live preview as you type of what your keyword listing will look like in the search engines. This lets you write flawless, tantalizing descsriptions that cause those searchers to click through to your blog.

Hook up an inbound KEYWORD trap that captures, counts and sorts search terms! This way you can deliberately target those proven keywords in your new posts. You will NOT have to log into any analytics software at all. These keywords will be right there in your blog, sorted in order of popularity.

Get the number of opt ins automatically calculated for every post on your blog, so you know which types get actual subscribers. This means you can do more post like those and capture even more subscribers.

Rotate banners on your blog, so you can see which hot buttons cause your readers to click. Doing this can allow you to run banners that get 2x or 3x the clicks. NOT doing this can cost you hundreds of clicks, leads and even sales.

This 1 link makes this marketer 40% of his income. Is your blog MISSING this pure money link? (Chances are, it is. And you’ll be shocked by this.)

Are you a certified owner of your blog in Google’s eyes? If not, you need to fix this now. Here’s how to do it.


Here’s a Row-By-Row, Icon-By-Icon
breakdown of what you get

Now that you know the wide variety and usefulness of topics covered, let me walk you row-by-row and icon-by-icon through the contents:

Row 1: Install WordPress

Get domain name — End the confusion now and get a good one.
Set up your hosting — Don’t mess around with the wrong hosting
Download wordpress — I make this simple
Set up ftp — Easy as pie
Install wordpress — Made simple and fast
Set up permissions — No confusion or overwhelm here. Get this done right.

Row 2: Lay Out Theme Options

Pick your theme — We’ll start you with a free one then recommend others
Install theme — I make this ever so easy
Customize settings — Set your blog up to get leads and sales
Enable comments — You need these
Edit css — Your minimum essential dose
Configure permalinks — Do it like a pro

Row 3: Power Up Your WordPress

Choose plugins — I give you 11 essential ones and cover 23 you might consider
Get ultimate tiny MCE — Make your blog posts look like you want them to
Setup shortcodes — This will blow your mind
Activate seo plugin — I recommend a specific one and show you to use it
Add video player plugin — Here’s how to do it
Setup analytics — I’ll blow your mind with my Commmand/Control center method

Row 4: Add Design and Blog Options

Design header — Do it yourself or hire it out? Sizing. Concept.
Add footer — This can come in handy for action points or navigation
Configure menu options — CRITICAL income factor most overlook
Crteates tags & categories — Several schools of thought on this
Add widgets — Don’t be puzzled by these any longer!
Add social media tools — Just what you really need here

Row 5: Add Optimized Content

Create first blog page — Step-By-Step off to a fast start
Write blog post — Covers many key CONTENT issues. What, how, and why
Add blog images — Pimp out your blog
Add audio files — Extremely important for getting leads and sales
Add videos — Simple way to decrease your bounce rate
Get traffic — What really works. What doesn’t. Why? How? Who to trust?

Row 6: Install Lead Generators

Create your freebie — Good info on how to do this
Create promo images — You’ll need these
Add lead generation — CRITICAL to getting leads.
Install banners — Shows you how to rotate and split test them also
Build list with optin form — VERY important info here
How to MONETIZE — You’ve got to get sales and cash or why bother?

How Much Is 60 Hours
of Your Time Worth?

What’s this highly specialized information worth to you?

To get high-end, well-researched and presented information such as in this Dashboard, you’d likely need to attend a boot camp or workshop. You could easily pay $500 or $1,000 — AND you wouldn’t have step-by-step instructions in front of you on the computer screen!

Not only that, you’d learn blogging but NOT how to use a blog as a lean, mean direct response marketing machine.

So JUST in terms of this being a veritable “seminar-in-a-dashboard,” the value is easily worth $500 to $1000. If you’ve checked out the cost of seminars and workshops lately, you know this is true.

But let’s take it down to the bare bones basic of your personal time.

How much is your time worth? You could easily spend 10-15 hours researching different plugins, 10 hours looking for themes, 5 hours researching security procedures, 10-20 hours trying to figure out how to put a horizontal opt-in on your header, 2-5 hours researching how to put attractive opt-in forms in your sidebars andat the end of your posts, 20-30 hours reading blogs and ebooks on how to get visitors and traffic to your blog (and still not really know what to do), and we haven’t even covered content creation or monetization!

Those time estimates are pretty conservative. I’m sure you’ve surfed for 3 hours before only to realize the time went into a black hole and you didn’t accomplish anything! Let’s break down the conservative time savings…

That’s 60 hours NOT including monetization and content methods. And I haven’t even began to cover all the things covered in WP Leads and Sales Dashboard! There’s more. I’ve already figured it out, already boiled it down and made it simple.

All you do is follow the instructions without the research and frustration! Talk about a life saver! Let’s say that you work at fast food restaurant and make a whopping $10.00 per hour.

How The WP Leads and Sales Dashboard
Gives You An Almost Guaranteed
Savings Of $600 – $2,400

If ALL you save is 60 hours, that’s $600 of your time right there. And if your time is worth MORE than $10 an hour, the numbers start to add up:

$10/hour = $600 savings

$15/hour = $900 savings

$20/hour = $1200 savings

$30/hour = $1800 savings

$40/hour = $2400 savings

Let’s take the low figure and say you’re only making $10 an hour. My average customer is over age 35 and makes a LOT more than that. But let’s say it’s $10 an hour. That’s $600 savings. And I’m NOT asking $600 for it. Not even 1/2 that.

I’m hoping that BY NOW you realize my new WP Leads and Sales Dashboard would be worth at least $300, just from the time savings alone, not to mention what you get on the monetization side of it. But if you respond now…you won’t pay even that…

Right now, during this introductory period you can grab the WP Leads and Sales Dashboard for $79.96. Just one idea, trick or secret could easily pay for it.

I Guarantee You WILL Get Wins And Results
or You Get 100% Of Your Money Back

A “WIN” is when you do something you couldn’t do before.  Or you get a key chunk or step finally out of the way.  I absolutely, unequivocally guarantee you WILL get wins and results far in excess of the price, or I’ll refund every penny of your money within the first 90 days. This is an unconditional, satisfaction guarantee.

Having said that, as with ALL my products, I do not represent you will experience profits as I have nor that the typical or ordinary buyer of this or any of my products makes substantial income.  I have no control over what people do or don’t do with my products.  So while your income is NOT guaranteed in any way, your money back IS guaranteed if you are not satisfied.

I really am in this business to help you succeed and sell your products like never before.  So if you don’t win, I don’t win. If you don’t’ get results, I lose.  If you aren’t happy, I’ll refund your money. Plain and simple.

I rocked the Internet world when I offered a triple-your-money-back guarantee on The Amazing Formula.  Now, it’s even crazier.  I’m offering a QUADRUPLE your money back guarantee.  Take the Dashboard.  Follow the icons.  If it doesn’t work for you, then I’ll give you quadruple-your-money back anytime in the 2 months following your order.  That’s how confident I am you will love the Dashboard. Read the details here.

WP Leads and Sales Dashboard

Just Two Sales And Your Copy Is Free

The associate program pays out 50% commission.  While you don’t make a commission on your own purchase, you make 50% on all sales after your own purchase. Therefore, only two sales means your copy is free.  The associate program signup is at www.getyourprofits.com if you aren’t an existing associate.

Order Beforeat 12:00 Midnight and You’ll Receive

One: Quick Start Call With Recording:

I know you want to know WHERE to start and make sure you actually get things in gear without making mistakes. So I’ll be doing a quickstart call to get you off to a fast start, make sure you don’t make beginner’s mistakes AND answer any questions.


Some of my closest friends and top affiliates agreed to throw in valuable products for you, some of which rival the value of the Dashboard! I can only guarantee this to the first 50 buyers. After that, this bonus could vanish at any time. If you’re reading this, it’s still available, but maybe not for long.

Justin Brooke: 202 Traffic Sources Spreadsheet. Justin handles online marketing for Internet millionaires, best-sellilng authors and Internet legends. This is his secret stash of traffic sources.

Sean Mize: How to get highly targeted traffic to your niche blog. Sean is the King Daddy of getting highly targeted niche traffic. You get two jam-packed mp3′s.

Paul Myers: The Voice Report — This is fantastic for you if you’re new to writing a blog, or even if you not. I can’t think of anyone who can teach you better how to find the right voice for your blog than Paul. He’s a master of this and people really eat up this particular report.

Ross Goldberg: His complete Web Traffic book for blowing away the competition. You’ll love Ross. No opt in required.

Veit Schenk: SEO Done Right — The right way to do seo for your blog. Veit knows seo for both online and brick-and-mortar businesses. He’s really good at this and is going to share that expertise with you as a favor to me. Veit expects to have that page up exclusively for us in a day or two.

Connie Green: How to bake affiliate marketing profits into your blog. Connie is one of the best affiliate marketers I’ve ever met and has the contest wins and bank lifestyle to back it up.

Adam Urbanski: True million dollar list building secrets from someone who does it. Adam is the only person I know who can do a webinar and bring in $100,000 with clockwork precission. You’re going to love his brilliant insights from someone who REALLY does it at the highest level.

Jeff Walker: Private, unreleased product access as a favor to me. Jeff has never released this. It’s a full-blown product on list building. It’s Jeff Walker. That’s all that needs to be said.

Peter Twist: Amazon Kindle With A Twist. One of the things you’ve told me you want is to MONETIZE your blog. Well, Peter is going to teach you how to do that in combo with Amazon. How hot is that? Peter is also giving you his Domain Riches with a Twist course.

Sterling Valentine: Sterling has a real heart for helping newbies crush it. He’s contributed his “Power Month” system, which is a proven 30-day coaching program with rave reviews. You can thank Sterling later!

Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian: 33 evergreen blogging techniques that have practically a cult following. This is a classic Dr. Mani pulled out of his vault just for me. And you get to benefit!

Sohail Khan: Free joint venture DVD. On the monetization side, you’re going to want to be doing joint ventures. No one teaches this better than Sohail.

Harlan Kilstein: 14 blog curation models. I think Harlan single-handedly started the curation revolution and now he’s taking it to another level.

Joel Comm: Adsense secrets 5 for monetizing your blog.

Linda Lopeke: Social media marketing calender for getting visitors to your blog from social media.

Jonathan Teng: 1 hour SEO secrets you’ll love.

John Barker: The famous Adwords X persona, contributes a very special report on traffic and online business. If it’s from X, it’s golden.

Frank Garon: My good bud Frank Garon is contributing the 9 fatal mistakes most Internet marketers make and how to avoid them 1 1/2 hour live seminar video.

Brian Terry: WP Plugin – OptinPop Advanced Developer License OptinPop Advanced is a WordPress plugin designed to generate lightbox style popup windows that help you build RED HOT subscriber lists.

Peter Twist: 24 Hours Product Formula.


Three: Make commissions on WP Leads and Sales Dashboard beginning with your FIRST sale as an affiliate (your own purchase doesn’t count) vs. on sale 4 if you don’t own it.

To reward those who purchase the Dashboard, you get commissions beginning with your FIRST sale. Other affiliates STILL can get commissions, just beginning with their 4th sale. This is a sales requirement to get commissions, NOT a purchase requirement. There is an approval process for affiliates, and not all applications are approved.


Four: “The Whole 9 Yards” Set Up Guide For Your Marketing Machine

Complete step-by-step tuts (tutorials) on how to set up your opt-in forms on your blog, autoresponders (where your automated money comes from), lead-pipe-cinch ad trackers, shopping cart — the whole 9 yards.


Five: Subscription to Marlon’s Marketing Method ezine delivered every Saturday

If this is your first purchase, you’ll recieve a subscription to Marlon’s Marketing Method ezine published every Saturday.


You Get “The WP Dashboard” With 6 Rows of Step-By-Step Icons, Plus a 100% Money Back Guarantee And A 40%-100% Profit Associate Program, All Backed By The Credibility Of Marlon Sanders And The Amazing Formula That Has Created And Rolled Out 20+ Products Since 1997 When Others Have Dried Up And Blown Away!

In summary, here’s what you get:

One The WP Leads and Sales Dashboard with the point-and-click system that gets you up and running with a blog that gets you leads and sales.

Two A BIG stack of bonuses from Marlon’s friends and best affiliates. Some of these aren’t even available elsewhere yet.

Three: You will be invited to my Quick Start call to get you up and running fast, and also a recording of it

Four My 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

FiveThe associate program pays out 50% commission. Make just two sales and your copy of the WP Leads and Sales Dashboard is free.

Six: “The Whole 9 Yards” Set Up Guide For Your Marketing Machine

Seven: Subscription to Marlon’s Marketing Method ezine delivered every Saturday, and periodic tips and product reviews during the week

I’m ready to grab my WP Dashboard for
ONLY $79.96




Best Wishes,

Marlon Sanders

Comments From Customers – Since the WP Leads and Sales Dashboard is brand new, I obviously don’t have testimonials for it yet. However, you CAN read what my customers have said about my other Dashboards. These comments are publicly posted on my Testimonials Blog. By the way, that’s another type of blog that is great to have. One specifically built so people can give you comments on your products.

David (Aussie)
I have many of Marlon’s products and cannot recommend anyone more highly than this man, he stands the test of time and is a ROCK in the internet marketing world,Thanks Dude for being here.
There are a lot of people that I unsubscribe from, but you are not one of them. I have not found anything from you that is not quality content.With a lot of years behind me following Marlon Sanders, I am still very much your fan! Thanks for your great product!Hey if I can do it, then the instructions are good enough for anyone to follow. Class A technology is hard all thumbs student here.Thanks Marlon
Hi Marlon,I am glad I found everything tied up together for once. I have been so miserable messing around with all those free and paid tools coming from 100 different places. No wonder one gets lost in translation. BUT after many trial & error, there I found your products. Still on the learning curve, but with CONFIDENCE. Very awesome customer support. You definitely will hear from me again.


John Brooks
I am glad I found everything tied up together for once. I have been so miserable messing around with all those free and paid tools coming from 100 different places. No wonder one gets lost in translation. BUT after many trial & error, there I found your products. Still on the learning curve, but with CONFIDENCE. Very awesome customer support. You definitely will hear from me again.


Carl Jordan
Mr. Marlon Sanders- Unbelievable program… outstanding… customer service is superior as well… I have been training under folks like Clayton Makepeace, AWAI, Bob Bly, Alex Mandossian, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, and etc… the list goes on and on… This is the most incredible program available for sale…”EVER”… point and click… isn’t that the truth… when I began reviewing all the goodies, man, this is the viagra of internet marketing… If you don’t have it… As King Solomon might say, you are a fool… Take advantage of Marlon’s program… It won’t let you down! He is on his game…Thanks Marlon!


Dan Kincaid
I am just getting into the program, but I can already tell that it is going to save me weeks of unnecessary work. I have tested other products and Marlon is far better than any other I have experienced. I can’t wait for his next product release!Thanks Marlon!


Shinji Fuse
Hello, Mr.Sanders.I just want to tell you that how wonderful your products are. Even though English is not my primary language, I can easily follow. It’s really step by step. That’s what all newbies are looking for!!I am picking up the nuts&bolt slowly but surely.Thank you so much for your absolutely clear products.


I’m so glad I found you otherwise I would have been still been confused and lost. I have purchased three of your products, and have learned SO much from them I can’t thank you enough. I also take advantage of your freebies that you offer. Everything you produce and create has so much value.You really teach people how to market and not all the other baloney people are bombarded with. because of you I am moving into this marketing business with confidence.


Bill Jermyn
Boy I’m late getting started with this looking at the dates of the other respondents. I like what I am dealing with, although I have just started. I am not even through the first week yet. I want to thank you for all the help so far at this cost.I have yet to really find the niche market which has interest in me AND money to spend, but as I follow your directions I am certain I will get there. I am looking forward to the time when I have some websites up and can become the internet marketer and affiliate I am looking forward to being.


Colleen Pierce
I think your product is very good; it’s no substitute for thinking, however, one still needs to know pertinent, accurate details about intended market, product features/benefits, etc. It’s a very good framework, takes a person step by step, if they take the time to do it well, should make a huge difference in their marketing efforts.
If one thinks about why the product is set up as it is, that’s a great lesson as well.


Bruce Brodeen
My good Lord – I woke up today and realized I’m a “Marlon Sanders” geek. Why? Because I own over 10 of his products! I have many different businesses(not a single one in the IM world, I might add…).How did that happen? I’ve been selling online since 1996 but as I dipped into the resources in the internet marketing world 3 years ago, I made a conscious decision to ‘follow’ 3 or 4 people only – throw my lot, so to speak, with those who reek of integrity and who have been around the block and develop products that leverage that experience.Marlon is one of those I chose – a smart decision on my part. Everything he does has a ‘brass knuckles’ core to it – “so you want to make money? Okay, here’s now – follow these instructions and you will be set”. The responsibility, though, is on the individual to take action – no silver bullets with Marlon because they don’t exist.Depending on what you need, you will see results from what he offers – just a fact, as long as you do the work.

Bottom Line: if you are overwhelmed with all the internet marketers out there and the thousands of products designed to help you get a handle on creating income, go with someone who’s ‘been there, done that’ for over 10 years. Few can say that, honestly. Marlon’s one of the true pioneers in the IM world and for you to not to ‘kick the tires’ on checking out his work as you develop your business is a disservice to your ability to kick-some serious butt with all your hard work.


Ian Greenwood
Like everything that Marlon does I think this is quality with no filler or padding. having ahd a quick sprint through it I have to say it represents more value for money than most “guru” type products out there for twice the price.
Kathy The Promo Dash is amazing product because Marlon is a guy who listens. He takes you by the hand and shows you what to do and how to do it.Bonus area alone is more then I expected.

Thanks Marlon.Bob MarconiBelieve it or not, continuing personal and computer challenges have prevented me from installing and using the product.

But I will say that Marlon has always been quick to answer my emails and try to help in any way he can.

I have a new Windows computer now and hopefully things will go fine.Andrew Colyer

Dr. Andrew Colyer
I have purchased four of Marlon’s products (Web Design Dashboard, Info Product Dashboard, Promo Dashboard, Ockham’s Razor), and I am a member of his A-Team.

Working with Marlon and his support team has always been a pleasure.

I’ve chosen to buy with Marlon for several reasons, and not just because I’m a sucker for his excellent sales letters; my personal experience is that Marlon is a man of integrity, he truly wants to help his students succeed, and he breaks things down into systems that can be easily followed; his small “20-minutes a day” chunks are something that even the busiest person can do.

One of the most ingenious things about Marlon’s products is that EVERYTHING is INTEGRATED into one comprehensive dashboard; that is to say, all the things you’ve purchased from him are found in one login support area; that way, you’re always looking at the big picture, and you actually REMEMBER to USE what you’ve purchased from him. It’s so easy to purchase the next latest and greatest internet marketing thing, download it to your hard drive, and forget that it’s there.

For me, one of the best experiences that I’ve had has been the ability to chunk things down with the “dashboard” system, so that I can work with my partner/girlfriend Melanie. She generally hates marketing things, but with the dashboard systems, we can sit down and do things a little bit at a time, so that it’s really to digest, and over time we make progress, and I DIDN’T HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT. It was all setup for us to follow very easily. She’s actually having fun!

Another thing that has been great for me has been Marlon’s “A-Team”. I have had crucial and frustrating times where I was able to get on the phone and ask Marlon a question, that he personally answered. I was taking notes, and was able to get the replay of the call available later. That was awesome.

I’m actually sorry I missed this recent promotion of Marlon’s (Overwhelm Cure), but I was out of town working missed my email, and missed the deadline.

Maybe I’ll appeal my case and he’ll let me get it anyway. :)

Marlon Sanders is an internet marketing veteran of high integrity. I highly recommend any and all of his products and services.Eric Christopher 1. How many products have you bought from me?
3 products.
2. If you’ve had to work with my employees, were theycourteous and helpful?
Yes, they were very professional and provided the assistance that I needed in a very prompt fashion.
3. Why did you choose to buy from me?
It was based on a referral by somebody that I belive I could trust. Turns out I was right!
4. What do you most enjoy about your new product?
Simply its simplicity! It is designed for easy use for the consumer.
5. Describe in detail a specific experience with us thatyou were happy with:
I was very excited to buy the PromoDashboard and to begin my education regarding online marketing. There is a lot of hype and mystery shrouded about Internet advertising and you help to cut to the chase and offer more value for the products than what you actually charge.
6. How can we improve our products or customer service?
It would be nice if you would offer a coaching program to your consumers for each of the products, even if it is just for 15 minutes. But even that is a little nit-picky. You pretty much do an amazing job!! You are an asset to the Internet community!Derek1. How many products have you bought from me?

2. If you’ve had to work with my employees, were they courteous and helpful?

3. Why did you choose to buy from me?
Your reputation for getting things done stands you out from the crowd.

4. What do you most enjoy about your new product?
No fluff or filler just practical easy steps.

5. Describe in detail a specific experience with us that you were happy with:
The only time I have had to contact your service was when my previous ISP went out of business taking my e-mail addresses with them and your chap sorted everything out for me in less than 24hrs over a weekend. No 9-5 regime at Sanders Towers1

6. How can we improve our products or customer service?
Frankly I don’t there is any improvement required.PaulSurvey:

1. How many products have you bought from me?

About 4

2. If you’ve had to work with my employees, were they
courteous and helpful?

Yes (tech support), very helpful.

3. Why did you choose to buy from me?

Recommendation from Dale Calvert

4. What do you most enjoy about your new product?

It was easy to read and use, but to be fair, I didn’t give it enough time to truly implement anything yet.

5. Describe in detail a specific experience with us that
you were happy with:

Nothing comes to mind (I dot what I expected)

6. How can we improve our products or customer service?

I get so many emails from you, I can’t keep up. Not sure how to “fix” that, but if I only got a few and thy were *golden*, it might be better for me.Albert Grande

Albert GrandeI own thre of oyur products: Promo Dashboard, Info-Product Dashboard, and Affiliate Dashboard.

Everytime I have had to contact your staff they were great.
You are a great teacher and motivator. I have followed you over the last several years. You are trustworthy and honest. You walk the talk Marlon. No hype, just the turth, sprinkled with a some fun.

I like the fact that the products are easy to use and very straightforward. Esy step by step directions. I love the dashboard concept.

I have learned quite a bit about marketing and product creation. Even though I had done a few interviews before you taught me some advanced techniques that saved me time and made me money.

Honestly, please do not abandon the dashboard concept. I wish you owuld release more of them! They are fantastic. You really do rock, Marlon!GeorgeHi Marlon

Do far I have only purchased the promo dashboard fron you and have found it so easy to learn & implement. The dashboard laid out everything i needed & your thought process behibd everything finally made sense to me & everything fell into place. What i like most about the promo dashboard is that it went through different modes of promo material, from PDF , Video , Powerpoint..and the bonusess where very cool.

On top of that your weekly marketing minute email is what keeps me interested in your stuff. You get down into the nitty gritty and tell it like it is. NO B.S.

Thanks again MarlonRobert Hill I have owned Promo Dashboard for a while now, and if someone needs a truly step by step system, then I can highly recommend this product.

The best thing about it is that you can just hand this sytem over to an outsourcer as I have done, and save even more time.Brian Solid value at a bargain price. Philippa Kennealy
I’m thrilled to find this Promo Dashboard as it has everything I need all in one place, and without treating me like an ignoramus, it takes my hand and walks me through all the steps of getting a viable business on the web. My clients are going to love this tool!Mike One of the biggest problems of getting good at Internet Marketing is getting past the SECRETS, MANIFESTOS, REVELATIONS, and rest of the hype and into clear action steps. This product provides the whole toolbox without wasting huge amounts of time.Brennan Kingland

Brennan KingslandI loved the Design Dashboard and the Marketing Dashboard – now, the Info-Product Dashboard delivers the same quality of valuable information.

One of the things I LUV about your dashboards is that they tell me step-by-step how to do the things I know I’m supposed to do, but don’t know how to do.

Even more importantly, they tell me how to do the things to do that I HAD NO IDEA I even needed to do . . .

By studying and using your dashboards, anybody can become an expert at Design, Marketing, Product Creation, etc.

There’s no need to chase all those offers that come though my inbox daily. Your dashboards contain EVERYTHING from A to Z.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Christoph LombardHi Marlon,

I’ve bought both the design – and promo dashboards from you and have been very satisfied with the step-by-step layout of these systems. Even a newbie – such as me – can find the way through the click-by-click icons.

The couple of times that I needed help, I could count on the after sales support team. They have been very friendly and helpful.

Specifically I’ve had trouble viewing your video tutorials, but the simple solution suggested by you guys to change my default browser to Mozilla Firefox got me up and running again.

I decided on your product because I considered it to be good value for money and thought I could count on your continued mentorship. I have not been disapointed.

Going through your steps motivate me to keep on trying – it’s a perfect fit for the autodedact tipe personality as you can progress at your own pace and easily refer back to the preceding steps.Duane Marlon, I have not yet bought any of your products YET. I have looked and listened to reviews of your product (PROMO DASHBOARD) which I am getting ready to purchase. The reveiws have been just great. They all speack highly of you and your integrity. I am looking forward to getting started with PROMO DASHBOARD. I will let you know how it goes in the future.Charlotte El-Amin
R.N., N.D.
I have bought 3 products from Marlon including the Amazing Formula and one of the Dashboard products. All of the products I have are wonderful. His customer service is the best. They are very attentive. They noticed a problem with one of my orders and notified me before I contacted them.

womenshealthyexercise.comSteve TroutmanHey Marlon,

Great product you have there. I really enjoy the easy, step by step approach that the Promo Dashboard course has.. I highly recomment it.

1. How many products have you bought from me?

I bought Promo Dashboard, Info Product Dashboard and backlink Jackpot

2. If you’ve had to work with my employees, were they
courteous and helpful?

Yes very courteous and helpful.

3. Why did you choose to buy from me?

Who wouldn’t buy from a guy who’s been around direct marketing since 1970 and selling on the internet since 1996? I’m sorry it took me so long to finally get on the “A Team”. Marlon pumps out his marketing minutes e-zine each and every week, packed with great hints and tips to help build our businesses. Marlon, In my opinion, you’re a class act.

4. What do you most enjoy about your new product?
Ease of navigation, letting me know what is expected in each icon and the simple layout.

5. Describe in detail a specific experience with us that
you were happy with:

I got a free gift for not getting a product for a few days. There was a glitch in the software somewhere and the man was very helpful and gave me an extra product for the inconvenience.

6. How can we improve our products or customer service?

Keep doing what you’re doingIrvine FerrisHi Marlon,

The Promo Dashboard is fantastic and really easy to use. I am having great fun with it and learning alot. It is a wonderful experience.Steve TroutmanHi This is Steve Troutman. Up and coming internet marketer and online business person. i have several of your products Marlon. Info Product Dashboard, Promo Dashboard, and several others. Very great content for the new guy as well as the more experienced marketer. I especially like the layout of the icons all in a row. Great concept.Ken Damon Marlon,

I am thrilled with your Promo Dashboard and it is everything I thought it would be and more. If people need something to quickly get their online business off the ground and producing results; they can’t go wrong with your Promo Dashboard.

Marlon I purchase your products because:

You are a legend both online and off.

King of the step by step teaching method.

And the man who taught me that I needed to

Trade Products for dollars instead of Time for dollars

Oh Yeah did I mention that I learn as much from your free emails as I do from things I paid for?Raymond BorkHi Marlon,

Promo Dashboard is the first product I have purchased from you. I chose it on the strength of your reputation, and the quality of free info that I have been downloading for some time now.

I have just started using Promo Dashboard for a niche project. It’s simplicity of use, coupled with the sheer quality of training is outstanding value for money!

I only wish I could have found out about you 18 month’s ago. I could have saved myself a ton of money buying inferior products, when I really didn’t understand what knowledge and skills I really needed going into this business.AndrewI only ordered the Promo Dashboard about 10 days ago, but it seemingly has everything you could ever want to start your E-business campaign.Tom JI recently purchased 2 of your products Promo Dashboard and Info Dashboard. To say that I am impressed is an understatement! The products are just so simple and easy to use!

Although I am new at IM, I sense and feel that you (Marlon) truely care about your product(s) and your customers! In my opinion you set yourself apart from probably 95% of the “IM Guru’s”. Truely something to be proud of!!!

Thanks for everything and I look forward to your products and support for a long time….Brett I bought Promo Dashboard and two othe of Marlon’s products. I haven’t used them much as yet but there are 3 things I like about the who ‘Marlon’ experience:

1. No BS this is not a push button system and you do need to put in an effort.
2. All the products just work.
3. Marlon gives real training for FREE!!!! Not some sham ‘live’ chat designed to sell you the next push button junk. Real people on line asking real questions in real time!

It is like a breath of fresh air.Diane VonkemannI’m totally amazed at how simple it is to make my own graphic header using the steps in the Dashboard!

Marlon, I don’t know if you’ll print this on your web page but I want everyone to know that if a little old grandma (I’m 58 years old) like me with NO computer skills can do it — anyone can!

Thanks again!Daniel Ignace Marlon, in less than 2 hours I made my first site with the Design Dashboard and just want to say “thanks”…

If it hadn’t been for the Design Dashboard I’d still be messing around with those free web site templates I downloaded off the ‘net and I’ll tell ya, even though they’re free, they sucked up more hours of my time than I care to count!Dr. Dave Hale
I bought the Design Dashboard and thought is was very good as a tutorial course. I was under the assumption from reading the sales info that it was an all-inclusive program. I have photoshop and can follow many of the topics rather than investing in Elements. What I have been able to design so far is great.

This was the first product I purchased from Marlon and had a great experience.

Keep up the good work!Chochi Valenzuela
Seattle, WA
I’ve bought about 6 or 7 products from Marlon and have enjoyed each one of them. The Info-Product Dashboard is the one that really gave me what I needed at the time I purchased it because I was highly motivated to create a new product that didn’t involve the cost of DVD production.

I created my first e-book using the Info-Porduct Dashboard and it hasn’t sold real well but just completing my first info product by taking my expertise and putting it into a simple and sale-able format has been invaluable.

My confidence has soared since completing my first project and I now have three new info products I’m developing.

Working with Marlon’s customer service has been easy and fast. No complaints and up to par with what I would expect from a high profile business.

I chose to buy from Marlon because when I heard and read some of his materials he was real about what to expect and the learning curve that I need to go through to get good at being a top info marketer.

What I enjoy most about the Design Dashboard and the other Dashboard products is the way it’s laid visually and systematically. I can come back right to the icon I finished up with or I can skip it and come back. Also each icon has a short, digestible lesson to learn and I need the step by step learning format to keep me and my creative mind on track and focused.

I made the mistake of purchasing different products under different email addresses and this cause trouble accessing the products and I was super frustrated about it. I IM’d customer support and Marlon’s staff took care of it in a day and got me back up and running. This made me happy.

I think the way you can improve on future products is to have a special group conference call for everyone who bought the product where we can ask questions about the product and/or listen to the call to get some possible FAQ’s answered.

Also, maybe you can hold a call for those who’ve completed a dashboard and have them give their stories about the challenges and triumphs along the way.

I need all the input and belief building I can get and sometimes others success stories reassure me that there is light at the end of the tunnel and taking that next step is worth it.Bill HackenbergerWebsite is under construction.
So far I’ve used Design Dashboard to build headers for different pages with outstanding results.

The bonus you include for building Ebook covers is great and easy to use too. It’s amazing how easy it was to use.

I bought Design Dashboard because it looked like I could do my own thing at a suprisingly low cost even I didn’t know what I was doing.

The best part about the above is your support. I contacted them several times via email and also through your live chat and once by phone. The courteous help I received was refreshing. I will definitely use more and recommend your products to all based on this factor alone.

The many videos you include really simplify every move. They’re very well done.
I also purchased Push Button Channel from you and I’m looking forward to that too.Tim RomeroHey Marlon,

Just wanted to let you know that I think the Design Dashboard is fantabulous!

In my opinion, just the training videos on how to use Adobe Elements to create awesome graphics is worth the measly price I paid for this product.

I bought Design Dashboard as soon as it came out a couple of years ago, and was creating my own graphics within a couple of hours.

It’s been a great time saver for me… not to mention the thousands of dollars I’ve saved by not having to pay a graphic designer any more!

Thanks again, Marlon!Misato KatsuragiHello Marlon,
I bought this product some time ago, like about when it first came out, and I like it.

I do however have to make this comment. There is no true step-by-step internet marketing instruction. We all know what step by step means, don’t we?

I mean, step by step is ‘insert tab A into slot B’ type of instruction, and is very detailed and leaves nothing out or to chance. There is no such internet marketing instruction, and this includes Design Dashboard. That kind of instruction on a topic like internet marketing would fill a small encyclopedia.

Now having said that, Design Dashboard is about as close to a step by step in internet marketing website design as any IM product and more so than most.

I would also say that most anybody with at least a double digit I.Q. can probably get a lot out of this system if they want to design a website for internet marketing purposes.

Also, it is well worth the price if you are going to pay for domain and hosting (and most likely other a web host and maybe an autoresponder also) anyways, which are recurring expenses, to pay that again for Design Dashboard, which is a one time expense and then you have a web design system which takes you chronologically through making a site, which most WYSIWYG editors don’t.

Although you will still most likely use an editor also, Design Dashboard is a good way to see what to do and when.Ted Coulton

Ted CoultonMarlon,

The Design Dashboard is one of the most useful,easy to use products I’ve ever purchased. I was so impressed with this one I purchased your Info Product Dashboard and Marketing Dashboard too, and was equally impressed. Outstanding value, great products.

Anyone sitting on the fence about purchasing any of Marlon’s Dashboards ( or any of Marlon’s products)… stop wasting your time and just grab it. Guaranteed, you will be thrilled with your purchase.

Marlon, thanks not just for creating the great products, but also for generously sharing your knowledge and passion.Frank Daley

Frank DaleyMarlon–don’t yell at me! Just wait! I have this product and several others of yours. I haven’t started using them yet because I took your advice (and some others) and decided to learn about marketing before I jumped in and made an ass of myself. In the meantime, however, I have been writing a book (based on seven years of using the material in colleges and geting more than 300 testimonials) and other products. The book is in editing and wil be published this summer. I am prepping a blog and main website and mini websites (which I expect to use another of your products for!)
Sometimes we out here in the wilderness don’t take action fast enough because we are preparing ourselves. I do realize that you can overprepare but I don’t think I’m doing that.

I’m just telling you this to indicate that people are listening to you and learning even if we are not responding as fast as you (or we)would like!Matthew Seiling I’ve just started using this awsome program, and I can say for sure that it’s just that…… awsome! Very point and click and broken down into bite size (20min.) a day sessions. I’ve been trying to figure out this stuff for nearly a year and I just keep getting caught up in the confusing stuff (seems like most of it). Not anymore! I know have the tools to make a website work and I’m looking forward to the outcome. My website is not up and running as of yet, but I know now that it will be in a matter of a month or so, thanks to Marlon.

I have Cash-Like-Clockwork so I’ve got lots of his products to test out and run with and I’m looking forward to them, even my wife will be using them to make her own website! This will be the true test of the ease of them as she’s an internet newbie at the earliest stage.Joanne HosackWhere have you been all my life? [Well, the last 3 years, anyway.]I have been bumbling around for those three years on the web, spending all my money and getting nowhere slowly.I was spinning my wheels. Then I stumble upon Designer Dashboard and finally I am able to make headway in my quest to build a website. Thank you so much.Thomas Anderson

Thomas AndersonI have tried several tutorial products and the DashBoard is the best I have seen. If you are a beginner, you cannot go wrong here. Step by Step means exactly that. Take one step at a time and just move ahead when you are ready.
Remember when you learned to ride a bike?
One step at a timeJill CraigI have been playing around with online marketing for a couple of years. I have no formal training with marketing or graphic design, or anything in this field. The cost of outsourcing kept my desire of success a distant dream. The lack of knowledge to do it myself and the lack of time/resources to take a class even further discouraged me. HOWEVER, I ran across Dashboard Design and instantly fell in love! At last, I found an effective, easy to follow plan that easily lays out each step. Countless video tutorials were a life saver (as I am a visual learner) and I have to say that I impressed myself with the outcome. I’m still working on my final product, but an actually enjoying the process. Whereas in the past, I absolutely dreaded the training. Thank you for your excellent product and service at an affordable price. It is certainly a win, win for me! Success, here I come!!Claes Green

Claes GreenMarlon,

Your Design Dashboard is making it easy for me to get everything set up online. I am from Sweden, where internet marketing is not so common, so this is all very new for me. I just want to say that you rock for helping so many people to have the American dream!Beage

Beage Hello,

I just like to say so far the course looks great.
Well put together and very easy to follow.
Although I am only on the first week, I am enjoying the course so far.
Thank youMichael
Design Dashboard is another of Marlon Sander’s phenominal products. Finally a step-by-step system to building a unique web page. Invest just 20 minutes a day (or do more, the choice is yours).

Marlon’s service after the sale, in the person of Tim, is one of the best and most often overlooked bonuses.

Thanks guys.PaulHi Marlon,

i like the step by step videos so far. I wish to make great headers using your product Marlon.

Have an awesome day!

PaulLeon RyanI am a firm believer in the KISS method of business. The more simple the tasks are, the better it is for me. The Design Dashboard keeps the tasks very simple. You can call me Stupid if you like but I am Keeping It Simple.Suzanne JacksonThe Design Dashboard is an amazing product. It is easy to understand and use. I look forward to trying the Product and Marketing Dashboards in the future.Thea BestThe Design Dashboard takes all the guesswork out of learning how to perform every step for setting up your own web site. There is no longer any need to fumble around in the dark when you can use the Design Dashboard to guide you through creating your own graphics, fancy headers, and all the the other stuff that would take you too long to learn otherwise.Thomas Mccracken
Internet Marketing Coach
Thanks you Marlon for the opportunity to use the Design Dashboard on the trial basis. I was impressed with the ease of operation and the quality of websites. I appreciate you and all that you make available to those of us building on a budget.Irvine FerrisThe Design Dashboard is really easy to use. Thanks Marlon for your step by step guide. My web-site is under active construction.StevenHello Marlon, I am blown away at how simple The Design Dashboard is to follow along and create a great looking website. Everything is covered from designing your own graphics to publishing your website to the web. And it is all step by step. Great product!Hooi Wai KeiI bought Info-Product Dashboard from Marlon.
I thought that since his approach is no-nonsense and he sincerely wants to help people, his product would be the same.

I am happy that Info-Product Dashboard is organized and systematic in its approach to creating infoproducts.

I would like to see a forum created for users to discuss issues related to his products and also provide input to creating new products.SantoI would have rather had software that run’s on my computer and not over the Internet.John CalderonOk Marlon,

My Honest opinion of web design dashboard is not good.

The main problem we have with the web design dashboard is it lacks videos the allows you to complete the step by step process of creating a COMPLETE website, it shows you how to build the header the sales page and the side bar windows but never shows you how to put the whole site together in whole.

For a beginner I find myself confused as to how all the pieces fit. Because I am not sure how to put the whole page together, the hosting and domain registration is incomplete.

I am finding that people who know how to put together a website and make money online seem to forget to go slow and truly step by step.

Beyond week 4 i cannot give you an opinion because i am unable to do the task.

It would be so great to have a mentor program. I see that you do offer this but because of these economic times we cant afford it.

I would like to make a site that helps others get up and going through a mentor program.

I really apprieciate your time.Wal

The Info-Product Dashboard is yet another excellent must have, product that I have purchased from Marlon.

It has easy to follow steps, displayed in a well laid out manner, using low cost solutions, that leverage one’s time and actually work, facilitating organized action and delivering killer results.

And best of all it’s a real bargan for the price!

– I have purchased 3 of Marlon’s products to date.
– I was impressed how Marlon’s employees were very courteous and helpful, sorting out a minor technical access issue.
– My first purchase some years back, was based on the valued opinion of an endorsement by Mike Filsaime.
Subsequent product purchases where based on my own direct product and service experience with Marlon.
– I like the effective clarity, that the systemitized, organized layout of the product delivers.
– I appreciated the timely and efficient manner, in which Marlon’s employees resolved a minor technical access issue for me.
– Make the webinar and teleseminar calls later in the day, to keep me out of the dogbox with my wife here in New Zealand, when the alarm goes off, but I know that Marlon likes to hold them early in the day!NancyThe info-product Dashboard is the easiest tool to use to develop your products. I love the easy to use dashboard not only for the info-product but also the design-dashboard as well.

Thanks Marlon for creating such an easy-to-use product.Loreen
Hey Marlon,

I have two of your products now, the Product Dashboard and the Red Factor. Both in my opinion are clear, easy to use and actionable!

I am now contemplating the purchase of your answer to Overwhelm as this is exactly where I find myself. I have great information (thanks to you and your products) and continue with my paralysis by analysis:). I have no product to show for my research – yet!

I’ve not had the pleasure of working with your team as to this point I have had no reason to. But I have every reason to believe that they, like you would be great to work with.

Thank you for your straight-forward, honest approach to Internet Marketing.Grahame J SmithI have found the info-product Dashboard meets all my needs ond requierments. It is so easy to use and understan, also it gives you an insight as to what yoy need to do.

ThanksIftikhar Hi Marlon,
I bought this product because you were selling it, having previously attended your seminar, I know that you are a no nonsense guy who gets straight to the point.

There is so much in this product for nominal fee so I feel it is a fantastic value for money. I have begun exploring it and even set a few goals, first of which is to identify at least 4 markets I’d like to sink my teeth into by Sunday 26th April 2009.

ThanksNeal Lohse
Neal Lohse
Hi M,

Doing some catch-up this morninig on old posts and emails unread…

From 18th April


1. How many products have you bought from me?

about a half dozen…

2. If you’ve had to work with my employees, were they courteous and helpful?

Yes. I recall Matt answering a question with such respect, consideration and care. When I re-read the question is was a no-brainer and I had a “doh!” moment. He could have been sarcastic or rude — like some others I experienced — he wasn’t and that is one reason why i keep returning. It had huge impact. Thanks

3. Why did you choose to buy from me?

Consistent quality and a matter-of-fact honesty that appeals to me. As a businessman, the integrity with which the “Sanders” stamp is a pplied reassures me. I believe you personalise exceptionally well — you talk **with** me and not at me.

4. What do you most enjoy about your new product?

Product Dashboard – step by step and a BIG Picture overview all in the one package. Othres will offer stuff that is good but it can be difficult to see where it fits in…

5. Describe in detail a specific experience with us that you were happy with:

See question 2.

6. How can we improve our products or customer service?

I’m not sure. I have some suggestions below.

I often reflect on the “Game “,as you call it Marlon, and apply my visioning skills to looking ahead and what is coming for the IM Industry(?). I see the proliferation of launches and the constant tension created thru building interest in product after product after product..it must be wearisome for the players. I am wearied by it. 4 yrs and I feel I’ve served a very haphazzrd apprenticeship. No debts but not a great deal of success.

I think sometimes the only reason people see the IM game as a great thing to be a part of is because someone conviced them of this in a sales letter…and if they keep reading enough sales letters…trying enough “trial months”…buying the odd product yada yada. I see the IM Game ..like the world economy (RIP), pumped up and fueled by unsubstatial things. : hot air – maybe’s — if only’s – risk passing; controlled by selective and embelished information release or fabrication.

I see some IM names on products and I instantly blat my hard drive and take a shower – such is the emotional impact on me. I want no contamination! [I’m sure we could swap names.] NL

And then there are the Marlons of the league. Seen it all, created the product and sold it for a realistic price, supported it forever.

How can you Improve..?

Stay true to your principles and challenge youself to create **industry standards** and evergreen products.

IMO…You never come alive so much MS as when you have the scent of an industry first in your nostrils. This I’m sure comes about because of your 360 degree vision and history in the game. When you’re working on something fresh…[Red, GDdash,]..your *Voice* is vibrant and energised; the content original, authentic, relevant — essential. That ability to take what is happening around you and see where it’s heading is amazing.

So, trying to “”compete”” with the others isn’t imo, your bag. Competition (defn) “..being the same as…”. That is clearly not you. You are not the same as. Please continue to act accordingly.

Great Themes / Dilemmas to Challenge you:

Legacy to the industry
Codes of Conduct

Easy Video Producer

Easy Social-Marketing Dashboard

Look globally at where we are heading and extrapolate to the online world.

Some products geared to those in the industry who need to be challenged from outside the IM industry to remian fresh and re-charged — almost a consultant to the im industry.

## Makle products from these ##

So long for now..

NealDoc GeroThus far I have purchased two products, viz., Info Products and Design Dashboards.

I purchased my two products because of the quality of the information and step by step demonstrations which allow be to not be bogged down with the do nothing, go nowhere techniques other systems have provided. I’m not only sold, I’m on my way.

Thanks Marlon.Chuck McCallHi Marlon,

I am on my third day of training and studying of your Info-Product Dashboard and there cannot be enough said for those who distribute “Valuable Content”. What a Great Product! Priceless!

I appreciate all the time, research and energy that you put into this product you have made it Fun and Exciting.RoyHi Marlon,

I particularly like the example emails you provide for contacting experts in order to get interviews.

Your advice on finding those experts is also great!

Best regardsDavid

DavidI was dabbling on affiliate marketing first, but when it became obvious that I had to now create my own products the Info Dashboard was the way to go. I had never bought from Marlon before, but after buying and taking a peak at it I know I will in the future.

Thanks for a great product, it keeps you focus which is one of the biggest traps in business specially in Internet Marketing because there are so many people promising so many things at lightning speed.MikeHi Marlon

This is the first time I have bought any of your products.

I purchased PromoDash Board because I wanted a simple and systematic way to create my own product.PromoDash Board provides a proven systematic plan to do so.

I am still working my way through the modules. As
I continue to do so,utilising the resources you provide, I see the product being created very soon.

ThanksDenise JeanHi, Mr.Sanders,

I bought this product of desighn dashboard plus and Im very satisfied with it,especialy for a newbee like me it explain all that we need to do in no time,Im very gratefull having it,without it I dont think I could manage to build my own website cause there so many things to learning and to make it so easy for us to understand your a genius and the best of them all that Ive tried beleive,hope you continue making a lot more like these,its a must for all newbees and advance it save a lot of work and time.PatriciaI’ve purchased 3 of Marlon’s products so far. Initially I purchased those including the Info Product Dashboard because I trust that Marlon can, and will, get me to where I want to be based on free but very helpful information or he has so graciously shared in the past.

As far as Tim, the Customer Service guy goes, he was very helpful and not at all pushy by trying to sell me one of everything like some places do, so based on the trust I have in Marlon, and the way I was treated when I did have questions before I ordered, I did purchase 3 items and will probably be buying more if necessary, although that remains to be seen since the Dashboards I purchased cover so much.

With the Product Dashboard, I see that I will be able to get beyond the hurdles that held me up so long in the past that I gave up on Info Products and switched gears. But once I launch the existing thing I’m working on which should be very soon,time will tell if it’s going to be a barn-burner or not, so while I’m waiting to see, I believe I have exactly everything I will need now with those Dashboards to proceed even faster since I know some things already.

But, if I get stuck like I have in the past,everything is right there in front of me now just waiting for me to complete one step so I can go on to the next without worrying about whether or not I’m spinning my wheeels.

I just can’t tell you what I like about Marlon and his products most, but I really enjoy his videos regardless of whether or not they consist of stick figures, or him in person because they are always informative and easy to understand, therefore very helpful in some way, shape, form or fashion.

I believe what I enjoyed most was something he sent recently telling us how to go to just a basic business and drill down until we could come up with an idea for a product if we didn’t already have one, or a clue as to where we could get one.

I believe the only way he could improve anything is to just offer more videos because I am a visual learner, plus I am really burnt out when it comes to reading.

I believe about the only thing I don’t like about Marlon is that he doesn’t offer a affordable, mini-session of maybe a 15 minutes…alone with him…for us who are just starting out so he can see what we may have already been working on before we bought from him so we will know if that existing idea needs to scrapped,or not.

I for one have been working on something and changing it over and over for over 2 years, and while I truly believe it will be a money-maker, his expert opionion would help me decide what to do…now… especially since it’s geared toward the off-line community.

But, in a nutshell, I see that Marlon is not only very helpful, but very knowledgable and entertaining, and I feel that he really cares that his students succeed which means so much to me in particular so I would definitely recommend him and his products to others.

Oh, besides all that, the Bonuses he offers are always worth waaaaay more than the purchase price of any item, and when you can listen in on calls with his students, he practically bends over backwards as he encourages them to ask him questions so they will succeed.

Considering all the above, what more could anyone ask for?Didier Bertrand Hi Marlon,

I’m very impressed with Marlon Products. He’s professional, intelligent, intuitive, and has a great work ethic.

I have 4 Marlon products :

* Push Button Letters
* The Promo Dashboard
* The Info-Product Dashboard
* The Design Dashboard

Buy them now… TODAY !

You will not be disappointed !

Didier from FranceKaren KramerMarlon,

Muuwhaa! You the greatest!

Thank you so much for my prize from your PromoDashboard contest.

I am so happy I choose Info-Product Dashboard, it’s exactly what I need to jumpstart my move from being an affiliate marketer to creating my own products and of course your step-by-step method makes it easy even for this old grandma.. LOLSylvie Kuhne

Sylvie KuhneHi! although I live in Japan, I got up early to be at my desk at 7 AM to get support with the CHAT LINE and thanks to Tim, things are now working – I am keeping my fingers crossed. I might be able to leave a testimonial, now that I can try the product! Seriously, problems happen but I am glad that there was technical support online to make things work. Thanks a lot.

Marlon wrote he’s send a bonus,
“I’d appreciate your comments. And, just for taking a few moments of your time to add your comments to my blog, I’ll send you a bonus gift as a token of my appreciation.”

I am looking forward to it. Thanks a lot in advance!TimothyI have tried a lot of products over the years but they all left out something and some were not very easy to use. Marlons infoproduct dashboard is great! It is easy, it leaves nothing out. Marlon tells it just like it is. I don’t have a lot of money to spend right now but Marlon shows how to get things done as cost efficiently as possible. This product is well worth the money I paid and more. Thanks Marlon.GregI bought Info Product Dashboard and liked it so much I went an purchased Promo Product Dashboard. Excellent information – one part saved me $300.JoeThis is a really great program for anyone looking to start a online business. I just purchased the info-product-dashboard, and I got to say that it’s perfect for the newbie marketer. It takes you step by step thru the whole process of developing a product to getting your site up and running. I highly recommend it to anyone just starting out.SyeHey Marlon.

I am about half way through the info product dashboard and so far it is good. It gives very clear instructions and it has got me doing some things I didn’t consider, which I’m sure are making a difference. Thanks Marlon!Leslie EnzbrennerThe Marketing Dashboard was my first product purchase from Marlon, although I had previously belonged to his membership site. One of the reasons I bought this product was my prior experience with the Marlon Sanders employees. They are amazing – prompt, professional, and courteous. I have complete confidence in everything Marlon offers.

I love the Marketing Dashboard! It is amazing the way you glide from one area to the next, learning as you go. Usually, I am overwhelmed by new products, but this takes you by the hand and leads you through every step.

I cannot think of a single improvement that could be made with this company’s products or service.
I am a true fan.Rocky Topscott
Rocky Topscott
Hi Marlon,

To answer your questions in order –

1. How many products have you bought from me?

I have purchased three of Marlon’s dashboards and several ebooks, including Ockham’s Razor and The Writers Secret.

Every product I have purchased from him has exceeded my expectations, and I have been more than satisfied with all of them. Marlon over-delivers!

2. If you’ve had to work with my employees, were they courteous and helpful?

Marlon’s support staff have, on the rare occasions I’ve needed them, always been super helpful. Tim in particular has gone the extra mile to make sure I was happy.

3. Why did you choose to buy from me?

Because you are always there providing great, useful information week in, week out. Most other people just send free stuff when they are launching a product.

I’ve had some terrific advice from you over the years. I think the bottom line is I Trust You.

4. What do you most enjoy about your new product?

Everything I have purchased is simple to understand and implement. I have given Product Dashboard, Ockham’s Razor and The Writers Secret to my 13 year old daughter and she has started on her way to building an information marketing business.

5. Describe in detail a specific experience with us that you were happy with:

Being able to hand over proven systems to my daughter knowing that she can implement them with my help. This is going to save her spending finding something that works, I did it that way, and it isn’t what I’d recommend to anyone.

6. How can we improve our products or customer service?

Just keep making more of them Marlon!

CheersIan McConnell
Ian McConnell
Very cool and super easy to use.

Thank-you.Zeb PhillipsThis is the first product I have seen that actually takes you set by set through the marketing process. It has taken all the guess work out and has given me clarity and focus. Thank you so much for such a great product.Mark StockdaleGreat product Marlon! I’ve haven’t made it all the way through the icons yet, but I’m definitely learning a lot about the marketing process of a product. I’m going to have to get the other Dashboards at some point!Cyndi WilliamsHi Marlon,

Push Button Letters is absolutely FANTASTIC!

I have been using it for a week now, and absolutely love the simplicity. My website is undergoing a major overhaul now, and with Push Button Letters I have been able to craft a really powerful sales letter for my PPC Consultation services. I am looking forward to going live with the new page and watching the conversion rate increase. ;-)

Stay tuned… I will post the results here soon.


P.S. – Thank you so much for making PBL available for Mac. I contacted Tim via live chat, and he had me up and running in no time flat! Your team’s customer service commitment has always been top-notch! 11 years since I purchased Amazing Formula, and they’ve consistently taken great care of me over the years.Justin H.Mr. Sanders,

I recently purchased Push Button Letters. I took it out of the box, and 20 minutes later I had the backbone for my site, the sales copy.

Easy to use. This should have been called “Push Button Letters 2 – The Easy Version.”

Keep up the great work,AngelaHey Marlon,

I know I promised a review on Push Button Sales Letters, but I’m still waiting for my CD’s to arrive. It’s only been a few days. However, I have been able to do a bit of it online, just not access all of the program.

One thing is for certain – I’m lousy at creating my own pages and couldn’t crank out a converting squeeze page to save my soul.

This is why I finally broke down: rather than keep on getting more frustrated and more lousy results and pages I was proud to have figured out how to make – but embarrassed to show, I finally decided to take you up up on your offer of a simpler, better way.

Can you say “simple’? How about the word “easy”?

Don’t confuse the words with a lack of quality.

Push Button Sales Letters helps you to create a VERY professional, web page quickly and easily. You can choose from a more basic style of page to one that has more bells and whistles that the newbie or intermediate internet marketer will ever use. However, even if you are an advanced marketer – who wouldn’t want to take advantage of a product that cranks out a high quality page in literally minutes?

As you can see, I already love what this software can do for me, even if I haven’t been able to use the whole product yet.

If you haven’t tried Push Button Sales Letters yet – all I can say is “what’s keeping you!”S. JohnsonI love the push button sales letter. If anything it gives you a really strong backbone for your sales letter and really makes you think about what is really important to people BEFORE you put it out there.

Excellent.Martin JamesHave set up my first website using the software which I found very user friendly for a newbie. I await results with interest!AaronPush Button Letters is a great program! Some of the best money I’ve invested in my business and education. Just from using the software, I’ve learned an immense amount about writing effective sales copy. Not only does it help you write great copy, but it builds your web-page for you in the process! Thanks Marlon!Robert SelbySurvey:

1. How many products have you bought from me?
“I believe it is six.”

2. If you’ve had to work with my employees, were they courteous and helpful?
“Always, as well as, creative and friendly.”

3. Why did you choose to buy from me?
“Because your experience is impressive, your products are well thought out and easy to use. As you say, you are the one who stands right in there with us to tenaciously seek success on the internet and in life. Kudos Marlon.”

4. What do you most enjoy about your new product?
“I just received it this afternoon, so haven’t had an opportunity to explore it yet.”

5. Describe in detail a specific experience with us that you were happy with: “I once found myself with two lists of products that I had purchased because I inadvertantly used two different email addresses. So, I just emailed the service desk and asked if they could pull the lists together. Boom, it was done in a very short period of time.
Man, that felt great!”

6. How can we improve our products or customer service? “Given the effort and energy that y’all are putting in now, as long as you keep it up, I don’t see any specific thing that needs improvement.”Trevor ShawHi Marlon

Just to say how pleased I am with push button letters its so easy and I like the fact that you can keep going back and changing it to make sure it flowes properly.
It certenly makes you think about what your writting.

It would be nice to see the same thing for developing a home page if you have a site like mine.

I also have 102 page sites and will be using push button letters to rewrite them, thanks again.SandyI love this product. Fill in the information and out comes a sales letter. It is so easy. Thanks for a wonderful product.Sue Kasson
Sue Kasson
I love Marlon’s products – I own quite a few of them! All of his products are worth every penny I have paid. You cannot go wrong in buying Push Button Sales Letters – it is easy and excellent!Larry1. How many products have you bought from me?

2. If you’ve had to work with my employees, were they courteous and helpful?

3. Why did you choose to buy from me?
Because you are a master of product development and IM.

4. What do you most enjoy about your new product?
It is easy to use and you have great tutorials.
5. Describe in detail a specific experience with us that you were happy with:
Instant response time to questions and or problems.
This product simplifies the sales letter to a system that works.
Nice Work Marlon!!
6. How can we improve our products or customer service?
I am rally happy with your Co.!Cynthia Ann Leighton

Cynthia Ann Leighton, owner
Software Enterprise Limited
Hi Marlon,

Thanks for your personal development suggestions after helping me on customer support.

Nice touch, seeing you help me yourself.

Used your product already. Filled in the blanks! Out popped a letter for my product. For real.

Wow. It really did it and it looks great. Still some minor things to tweak, so I popped in a customer support request. After putting the letter “live” online!

Looking forward to making more sales letters.
Guess it’s quite an understatement to say that’s a big change. Today’s sales letter not only looks 10x better than what I’ve created on my own — your software sure took a lot less time.

In fact, you made making my sales letter fast and fun.

Anyway, this is the first product I’ve bought from you. Sean Mize sent me to get your sales letter software because he says you’re the best in the world for getting successful sales letters created.

Thanks for giving me online access. Now I look forward to getting your CD. In the meanwhile I’ve got more sales letters to pop out using the online version of your Push Button Letters 2.0 right now.

I think what I like most is that it makes creating sales letters fast and fun so that I’m free to make more sales letters and more products to help more peopleConley MilamHi Marlon,

What can I say about you that hasn’t already been said. I started following you in March of 2011 when I bought your product, The Traffic Dashboard. Since then, I have over 20 more of your products, including, “Amazing Formula”. Read all 299 pages, I should know how to be a success at marketing by now. I have a problem with the implementation thing, which I am working on.

Anyway, I purchased Push Button Sales Letters and this has got to be the best product out there on creating professional quality sales copy. The product takes your years of experience in copy-writing and makes it fill in the blank, push button simple. Brilliant!

Pro writers charge big bucks for what this piece of software can do in a few clicks of your mouse.

This is a no no-brainer investment for anyone in any type business. I have to say I have not found anyone teaching Internet Marketing that has the knowledge and willingness to help that I have seen in your products and webinars.

I would like to thank you for all that you do and express my sincere appreciation for the help I have received. I have had a great experience in your customer support site. Quick and courteous response.

I have even had a personal phone call from you, which absolutely blew my mind. I have purchased products from other marketers and had a call from a call center trying to upgrade me to a more expensive product. Your call was just to find out how you could help me with my goals in my business. Really the highlight of my online experience to date. Can’t thank you enough.

I am also in your Facebook group and attended the Steady Flow Prosperity System which should be a great asset to my Facebook Marketing efforts.

Thanks again for all you do and I hope to be able to shake your hand someday.Daryl Austman
Daryl Austman
I’m picking up your Marketing Dashboard Marlon, but haven’t been able to find a lot of info on this Push Button Target Market product.
I’ll keep checking this site though.
Thanks for a great productCarolyn
Hi Marlon

I purchased your Ockham’s Razor product. I have not finished it all so this is only a provisional opinion.

I already have 3 other of your products (Amazing Formula, Marketing Dashboard and Info Dashboard) so much of what is in the Ockham’s book I have already read in your other products.

For me, the new and useful info is about innovation. You distilled some nice concepts and present them in a very easy and direct way. And for that alone, the product was worth purchasing.

I’m a fan!

ciao ciaoSavid Robson
David Robson
Ockham’s Razor is the first product I’ve bought from Marlon Sanders, having only recently ‘discovered’ him for myself. I’d been reading his newsletters for a few weeks and found myself nodding right through each one.

I wasn’t disappointed. I immediately skimmed through the whole product and I’m now going through again slowly, pulling out tons of notes. This guy has put in his 10,000 hours! He’s done it – and knowing what not to do is as valuable as knowing what I should do.

Marlon talks like the established business man he is, not a time-share-dream salesman. For me, played one game, won one game doesn’t make an instant expert.

This experience comes through all the sections of Ockham’s Razor. It’s logically laid out and very easy to absorb the lessons, which build on each other to form a comprehensive guide.

Massive value for money Marlon and many thanks.Narasimharao Hi Marlon,
Ockham’s Razor Marketing System is a success. Isn’t it? I liked the way you presented it. It threw light on couple of new points for me. With loads of experience behind me as a businessman (offline),I can tell you in appreciation that your idea of “heavey publicty” is practical.

Cheers to your success again.Michael This is the best marketing book I ever have. It give comprehensive and simple instructions that anyone can understand and follow. I recommend it to anyone who want to know how internet marketing work. It is worth every penny of your money and time to read it. Thank you Marlon.DavidFantasic Tool – all the info in one place; step by step ; easy to follow and understand.

Bought it Sat aft ; 1/2 way thru it.

Now on to build the “Empire”.
This is the precise formula I needed to fine tune as well as correct some marketing issues across all my sites and systems.

Thank you so much.Nick HuonderOckman’s razor.There are many out there teaching and offering up there system for success in marketing.And they ask and receive thousands for their courses.Then there’s Marlon Sanders.No fluff boiled down to the essense of simple marketing genius stategies.Every product complete unto itself
no fluff just solid practical, anybody can do it information.Stop following the herd.Ockmans razor has it all.As with any of his products you won’t find a better product or support for the moneyJon HenryI really like your honesty and direct approach to online marketing the concepts in Ockham’s razor are truly seminal and I am going through a big learning curve I understand the importance of selling your message in a personal and original way and the concept of keeping it as simple as possible I have a lot to learn and think you have great integrity there are so many scammers out there and I can see that you are the real deal.

Thank you very muchStephen MatuszakHi Marlon,
1. How many products have you bought from me?
– My experience with your offerings goes back a long way to the “Amazing Formula.” That’s still a classic in my opinion. I’ve lost count on how many of your products I have, but it must be 7 or 8.

2. If you’ve had to work with my employees, were they courteous and helpful?
– Absolutely — corresponded by e-mail and always prompt, efficient, and helpful.

3. Why did you choose to buy from me?
Compelling sales copy I guess, plus the product serves a need I have.

4. What do you most enjoy about your new product?
As with most of your products, there is so much to chew on, it takes awhile to get through and apply. Your ideas are always original and refreshing.

5. Describe in detail a specific experience with us that you were happy with: Once when I lost my authorization code to use a product, the response was quick and caring, even though it took some research on your staff’s part.

6. How can we improve our products or customer service? Maybe break your long stuff into modules or segments — we’re becoming an attention deficient society it seems. Must be the TV that’s doing it to us.

Marlon, I don’t mean to butter you up — you’re not perfect. Too much of a clown for my taste sometimes, but it’s all part of the personality I guess. Keep up your work on our behalf.

Regards, Steve.Nancy Gomez
Nancy Gomez
“How do you find an island you can’t see with a compass that doesn’t work?”

That was me until I read Red Factor; lost and clueless about what I was looking for and where to find it. The one-two punch of knowing where to go to find underserved markets to target and how to keep giving them more of what they need opened my eyes to new opportunities that I can use to my advantage. The Southwest Airline example made it crystal clear.

Thank youJavierThe Red Factor helps a marketer with strategy. The concept is to deliver different forms of value so you’re not getting undercut on price all the time. For the seasoned marketer it teaches how not to go head to head but to create in an area the other guy has not considered.Tim ZagerHey Marlon,

Thanks for the awesome info in the Red Factor. I have been a fan of yours for many years, starting back with the Formula and Gimme… and recently, your Dashboard products. I have learned to expect great information and prompt service from your support staff when needed. I have never been let down.

I continue to buy your products because you get right to the point, without a bunch of fluff. Your videos and audios show your “goofy” side, which I enjoy!

The Red Factor came at the right time for me. I was beginning to get caught in the overwhelm of information… this product helped me get back my focus. I have NEVER seen any product that helps dissect a potential market, and show me how I can enter that market. Bravo!

Have fun every day!Tom
I finally got my copy of The Amazing Formula. I have wanted to read this for a couple years and i fianlly bit the bullet and ordered it. I am quite sure it will be everything I’ve heard it is. It will be nice to put the practice to work for my business.Patrick
Oxford, UK
I’m hoping my copy of The Amazing Secret will be in the mail this week. At least one multi-millionaire internet marketer here in Europe says this book was the catalyst to his incredible success. He’s made $30,000,000 by following the formula. I can’t wait to soak up the savvy secrets.AzadHi Marlon.

Honestly I’m not yet finish gone through your “the amazing formula” because I’m only able to spend an hour to study your product. But though I’d read half of “the amazing formula” what can I say is the contain of the product was more amazing than its name. I’d run out of my credit card balance because keep purchasing useless something so called secret of success online, guide, magic, or what ever similar to that. But to tell you what, all that useless thing have almost the same contain and the only different was maybe the graphic work, the headline and so on…

Not until I bought your “the amazing formula”, where I spend my last credit card balance, I really amazed with it. It really totally different from all that I’d bought before. You really show the truth how to do everything to success not explaining just term after term…

And one more reason that I purchase “the amazing formula” from you was because only you that I can see that provide complete guide of sytem for internet marketing business. From explaining what kind of “game” is this business, how to get traffics, how to create product, and many more…I;m actually want to buy all your complete system but what I do because I’d ran out of balance for my credit card. In fact, I’m from Malaysia and to buy anything in US dollars need to triple up my currencies but I don’t really about that matter and I’ll buy your product one by one if only that I can afford to buy. And Marlon, I think you are the real master of all master and guru of the internet marketing business. I hope that I can really become close like you, really master the skills and teach other peoples from the heart. Hope you will be more success.
Sorry if there is anything wrong in grammar or any mistype words because my english is not really good.Thank you.Joe CepedaAlthough I have only been able to read half of the book and find it worth reading and the information is definitely worth having.

The formula is definitely worth spending the money over it, over-priced as it is, for someone who has no knowledge of online marketing it will be a great product to have. There are enough resources to more than justify the price and that is the only saving grace I find in it.

The thing that bugs the hell out of me is that this is outdated in a number of areas. For instance, I don’t know of any business that still uses faxes to either attract or sell to customers and this is definitely a glaring option for online marketing of any kind in today’s environment. Also, this is very much in direct contrast to what Marlon states he conducts his business – all online.

So far, I have not seen any indication that there is information on the web2.0 technologies. Twitter, Facebook, hubpages, and so on does not rate a mention whatsoever and copywriting bloggers such as Clayton Makepeace or Brian Clark both swear by these new technologies which makes this omission all the more glaring.
Rather than add bonuses to the end of the book, it would be more beneficial to get someone to re-write this and include Marlon’s own experiences with these technologies. I’m sure he is making enough money to be able to justify sharing one or two of these with his buyers.

Although I understand the reason for it, “strike while the iron is hot”, I think that having so many references to other more current products only demeans or reduces the product’s value and there is definitely value.

Would I recommend this material? Most definitely. With the caveat that it isn’t real current but the information is timeless and anyone with half a brain can adapt it to the current environment. I just wish I had this information when it was first out and it was fresh, now I think that this is more an investment in my poor knowledge than an investment in my future as I really don’t think this is going to help me change it.
These are my thoughts/comments.

Thanks.John DelaneyI recently purchased the Amazing Formula. I will give you a run down of the good and the bad:

The Good:

-It is easy to tell a lot of thought and energy was put into making this product. There are tons and I mean tons of tips and techniques that I will be going back over and applying in my businesses.
-It is a no bs report. Marlon does a good job of being fairly direct about why he thinks certain things work and why some things don’t. He also has a good level of experience to gauge these topics which other IM speakers simply won’t have due to a lack of experience.
-the product does make it seem possible that anyone can do this and it does stir you to action which is what any great product should do.

The Bad:
-I currently have no way to currently judge the effectiveness of the techniques he provides. I have no doubt that some will be and some less so. I also suspect that different ones will work better for different markets. I am most curious to know how well this works for products outside the IM niche.

-One concern I had going in is how current the material is. I understand this is a long standing product that keys on fundamentals which is partly why I purchased it. However, my concern is knowing what tips are still current and which ones are now on the decline. As an IMer for a couple of years now, some of this I can spot, but others I just don’t have the frame of reference to see. I think it would be great to see how people currently are applying these methods and saying which methods are currently working for them and which ones are not. Marlon offers a Player’s Club membership area that may very well have this information, I just have not had a chance to check it out.

Now, I definitely would recommend this product to others if for no other reason than that it gets you to think and see the bigger picture. The one nice thing about the fundamentals being reviewed here is it provides a framework in which to navigate by saying stay within this area b/c of X. The specifics on what to do on X may change, but the target area will always be X. I understand this concept very easily and appreciate the effort in driving this point home.DrewI just got the Design Dashboard and really looking forward to creating my first website.

ThanksBernie BellewLast year I purchased Photoshop Elements 7.0. Unfortunately, when you purchase that software, you do not purchase directions for use.

I remembered the name Marlon Sanders from several years back when I was interested in internet marketing.

I located his site and found the design dashboard. I ordered and was very satisfied. This is my first product purchase from Marlon, but not my last.

The online chat customer service employees were very helpful. My only issue so far has been that I sent an email to[email protected] inquiring about the “Cash Like Clockwork System,” but have yet to receive a reply. I have no ideas for a product and would like to create my own. My idea of affiliate marketing is having affiliate sell my products. I did receive the half price email and really want to buy the product. But I need some questions answered.

I like the fact that Marlon’s sales letters have no hype and do not make unreal promises.

I like the design and easy to use format of the design dashboard. No fluff. Just the facts needed to create the desired results.

I also like the quick response of your chat operators.

Thank you.RonI bought the product because of all the great value you gave for free.PeterI purchased Info Product dashboard 10 days ago and have completed two interviews. To be honest after the interviews, I can use the material for help writing an ebook but would never put music to them as they do not flow properly, either because of me or the person interviewed. The material is excellent and will incorporate it with Writers Secret to get my product. I hope to finish the 6 week tutorial in 4 weeks but had been writing ezine articles previously.

Thank you,Greg Gudson
Greg Gudson
I have bought a number of your products and the quality and ease of use make things super easy.

Push-button Letters is one of the best. Paying a copywriter for marketing would be out of my budget so this product is like having my own copywriter.

Your staff is great, rarely do I have to wait more than 24 hours for a response and any issues I have are quickly resolved.

Marlon it is a joy to use your products and know that your staff is there when I need them.

Everything you do is first class and highly professional!

Thanks Marlon!


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